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Diabetes & Our Weight Loss Program

Diabetes Risks

When you have diabetes, being overweight adds to your risks. Unchecked diabetes can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, vision impairment and blindness, and other chronic health conditions. Losing just a few pounds through healthy eating and exercise can break the cycle to gain control of your diabetes.

Just the Facts

37.3 Million

People with diabetes

96 Million

People ages 18 years or older with prediabetes

Personalized Diabetes Weight Loss Programs

We help you take off pounds sensibly to better manage your diabetes. Our Diabetes Weight Loss Program is a natural and effective method designed to help you achieve a healthy, ideal weight. Our partial-meal replacement plan is low in simple carbohydrates, and rich in healthy, fortifying proteins. Become healthier and more knowledgeable to make healthy food choices for a lifetime.

  • Lose weight and manage your diabetes simply
  • Promote weight loss and stabilize blood sugar
  • Balance nutrition for safe and effective weight loss
  • Delight in delicious, ready-to-go, all-natural foods.

Treatment Plans

Our Diabetes Weight Loss Program is an all-natural, GMO-free, medically designed, four-phase weight loss protocol, resulting in rapid fat loss while sparing lean body mass. To target fat loss, maintain lean body mass, and reverse chronic disease, we must target and modify carbohydrate intake. All carbohydrates, good or bad, raise blood sugar levels. Too many carbohydrates significantly raise insulin levels, which then act as a “fat storage” hormone, boost cholesterol production, and increase arterial wall thickness, which raises blood pressure.

Whole grains and fruits are nourishing. But they are carbohydrate rich and raise insulin/blood sugar levels. The increase in insulin/blood sugar levels makes it extremely difficult for our bodies to burn fat. We eliminate carbohydrates and fruits in the weight loss phase of the diet to better burn fat. We reintroduce fruits and whole grain carbohydrates and other foods once you achieve the desired weight.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, exercise is a vital component. However, in this weight loss program, exercise is not required for weight loss. We recommend low-impact and low-intensity exercise activities during the weight loss phase of the program.

Success Stories

Looking for weight loss motivation? Look no further! Check out these amazing medical weight loss success photos from patients who completed our medical weight loss program. Whether their motivation was to lose weight before an upcoming vacation or to cure weight-related health concerns, they all reached their feel-great weight goals.

Shari's Weight Loss Success Story

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Sue's Weight Loss Success Story

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