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Sue’s Weight Loss Success

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Weight Loss Success

Meet Sue. She was looking to finally achieve weight loss success once and for all. Sue started the Solstice Health weight loss program to lose some weight before an upcoming vacation. Her goal was to lose 20lbs in 2 months, but she ended up exceeding her goal and losing 25lbs in 2 months. She was ecstatic, and left for her vacation. While on vacation she experienced a tremendous difference in her activity level, she enjoyed hiking and having much more stamina. Her newfound energy allowed her to experience a vacation like she never had before.

Upon returning from her travels, Sue returned to Solstice Health to continue the weight loss program. To date, Sue has lost 44lbs and has decreased her body fat percentage by 15.3%, life saving numbers! Through her weight loss success, she no longer needs to be on her blood pressure or cholesterol medication. In addition, she has experienced relief from joint pain she experienced when she was at her previous weight. Her weight loss success not only improved her health, life, stamina, but also saved her from needing expensive prescriptions and additional doctor’s appointments.

Throughout Sue’s journey she was able to stick to the weight loss program most of the time, and when she did “slip up” she had her wellness coach at her weekly weigh-in to help her get back on track. With help from her weight loss coach, Sue was able to customize the program to fit into her busy schedule and lifestyle.

You can achieve weight loss success like Sue did! It is never too late to improve your health! If you are interested in achieving weight loss success, contact Solstice Health today for a Free weight loss consultation. Check out our FAQ about the Solstice Health Weight Loss Program. Take control of your health today.

At Solstice Health, we offer a comprehensive medical weight loss program that teaches participants how to achieve healthy, realistic goals. The Solstice Weight Loss Program focuses on eating and exercising properly to achieve lifelong, whole-body results. Patients who follow our program as prescribed have a 100% success rate and find a dramatic reduction in the incidence and severity of weight-related health conditions.