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Corporate Care

Costs of Healthcare

You want to provide employees with health care coverage. But you must monitor the bottom line. We partner with your business to give employees the best and most convenient care possible and to trim your health insurance premium costs.

We provide corporate weight loss programs and direct primary care to businesses with one to 1,000+ employees. Our programs comply with all healthcare laws and regulations and reduce employee absenteeism. Because employees gain greater access to their doctor, they receive better primary care, wait less and schedule appointments in their off hours. We also offer virtual visits to maximize convenience. All this adds up to more time spent working.

Personalized Employee Programs

We collaborate with your company, no matter the size, to provide the best, most convenient and cost-effective care possible. Drive savings into your healthcare programs. Many employers save 20% to 30% on their healthcare costs while increasing the level of care for their employees. Employee health also improves, leading to less absenteeism and greater productivity.

Just the Facts


Average cost of a single employee’s insurance premiums


Health insurance premium increase expected in 2022

Corporate Direct Primary Care helps companies get a handle on these costs.

Program Types

Our clinic makes two programs available to businesses.

Direct Primary Care Program

With our Direct Primary Care program, you pay a simple, flat, affordable membership fee that gives employees unlimited access to their doctor for medical care. Businesses can offer this program to employees and pair it with a high-deductible, low-premium health insurance plan and self-funded plans to slash healthcare costs for employees and your business.

Direct Surgical Care Program

Surgical service costs have hit all-time highs. If you offer high deductible plans, are a self-funded company or offer no insurance at all, soaring costs can put surgeries out of reach. We believe a different approach is needed—one with transparent and direct pricing.

We include all surgical costs, anesthesiology fees and facility fees in one low price. 

Corporate Weight Loss Program

Holding on to excess pounds can lead to chronic health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, and more. Our Corporate Weight Loss program helps employees live healthier lives. We partner with you to bring health and wellness into the workplace via flexible and customized programs designed to help employees lose weight


How can direct primary care reduce my corporate healthcare costs?

Employers can offer Direct Primary Care (DPC) to employees as an individual benefit or to provide complete primary care with a catastrophic coverage plan. DPC often works best with self-funded plans, high-deductible, low-premium health care plans and Health Savings Accounts but will work with any type of health insurance and the uninsured. By eliminating insurance, bureaucracy and red tape, we can offer higher quality and cost-effective care to your employees. When we save, our patients save, and your business can save as well! Solstice Health leverages an independent, insurance-free model to identify the most cost-effective path to quality, transparent, and convenient healthcare. With Solstice Health DPC on your side, your business will no longer endure the uncertainty of rising premiums each year. Solstice Health provides care for 90% of overall healthcare needs. Patients should only use health insurance for catastrophic issues. By implementing Solstice Health DPC, your business will save 20-30% of your overall healthcare expenses. We also can plan and implement a direct occupational health strategy based on individual business needs.

How can direct primary care reduce employee sick days and increase productivity?

With the Solstice Health DPC model, your employees enjoy unlimited visits, including urgent care, without copays. Also included are virtual visits, via video, phone, email, or text. We limit the amount of annual patients each provider can see to around 600, allowing for same day or next-day appointments, unhurried visits to give patients the attention they deserve. Our focus on wellness and quality care decreases employee time off and increases productivity. Add alternative treatment modalities and programs to DPC to provide employees with true healthcare focused on comprehensive, personalized, annual wellness plans that improve health, wellbeing, and productivity.

How do your programs improve employee health?

The current insurance-driven system would have you believe that more expensive care means better care. Perhaps that is why healthcare (or sick care depending on how you look at it) encompasses 20% of the GDP in the United States, yet we rank dead last when compared to 10 other countries for overall healthcare, including outcomes. Solstice Health DPC upends this paradigm. Our healthcare is less expensive and higher quality, resulting in less downstream utilization of specialists and emergency services. By eliminating insurance and providing 90% of healthcare needs under a cost-effective membership model, we can spend more time with your employees and provide a higher quality of care, working toward a healthy lifestyle. We are here for your employees when they need us without the worries of copays, deductibles, and inconvenience. Simply put, non-bureaucratic quality, transparency, and convenience allow for high quality healthcare and preventive wellness.

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