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Affordable Surgery

by Best-in-Class Board Certified Surgeons

It’s no secret. Surgical service costs have hit all-time highs. If you have high deductibles, are a self-funded company or have no insurance at all, soaring costs can put surgeries out of reach. We believe a different approach is needed—one with transparent and direct pricing.

We include all surgical costs, anesthesiology fees and facility fees in one low price. There are no hidden costs, extra charges or surprises. You receive one bill for everything.

Our low pricing is not a bait-and-switch ploy. These are the actual prices you will pay. Eliminating insurance along with being wholly physician owned and managed lets us keep prices in check. It allows us to control every expense from real estate costs to our materials supply chain. We eliminate wasteful facility fee markups, dishonest pricing and practices that hospitals and their administrators have little incentive to curb. Our commitment is to top quality care at the lowest possible price.

4 Steps to Cost-Effective Direct Surgical Care (DSC)


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Call Solstice Health with your questions and to schedule a surgery.


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