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Employer Direct Primary Care

Healthy employees lead to healthy businesses. Gain access to direct primary care services for employees. Our direct primary care services allow employees to receive immediate medical attention for injuries and illnesses, which leads to better patient outcomes. Our scope of services includes primary care and occupational health, which includes pediatric care and chronic condition management.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

Our employer direct primary care services put patients first. When this is done, powerful things happen. Patient health improves and both employees and employers see reduced healthcare costs. Because we operate independently, our physicians are not accountable for downstream healthcare revenue. Our mission is simple: Improve health and lower total costs. Our providers offer personalized medical care. This model fosters improved health through longer appointment times and the removal of financial and convenience barriers. The result? Lower healthcare costs and improved health outcomes and decreased employee absenteeism.

Direct Primary Care Services

Direct Access Lab, Imaging & Prescriptions

Our direct primary care services include wholesale pricing on all lab, imaging and prescription services. Wholesale pricing provides significant savings for employers and patients.

Primary Care

We build relationships to better understand patient health concerns. Our primary care clinicians take the time to discover undiagnosed conditions and deliver health coaching for a healthier workforce.

Occupational Health

Besides direct primary care, we offer physicals, tests, and treatments for work-related illnesses and injuries. We designed our systems and processes to address both occupational and medical health services to reduce worker’s compensation claims to save you money.

Acute Care

Our employer acute care solutions provide personalized, convenient and cost-effective health care for treatment of minor colds and infections to minor strains, sprains, and lacerations.

Chronic Condition Management

We help employees make lasting lifestyle changes to minimize the everyday effects of chronic health conditions and prevent conditions from worsening through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, secure online messaging, and virtual visits.

Pediatric Care

Our programs also include care for your employees’ children. We educate employees about their child’s health conditions and treatment options. Our experienced clinicians deliver convenient and personalized pediatrics services to meet the needs of employees and their families.

Telemedicine Services

We offer all members telehealth/virtual visit access so they can text, call, and video visit with us about their primary care needs. But within our system/platform our providers also have access to over 100 specialists. These specialists can provide a second opinion on injury, illnesses or conditions. With 24/7 access to virtual care, employees receive medical treatments sooner and avoid costly urgent care visits and unnecessary clinic visits, resulting in significant savings.

Benefits of Telemedicine Paired With Direct Primary Care

  • Unlimited 24/7 telemedicine services
  • Cost-effective, after-hours and weekend coverage for urgent medical needs
  • Reduced hospitalizations and healthcare costs
  • Improved access to healthcare
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Our program lets you monitor your employee population’s:
    • Program usage rates
    • Wholesale pharmaceutical savings

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