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Who We Are

Our Beginnings

The skyrocketing costs of healthcare, substandard patient care and attention, and healthcare’s uncertain future led Timothy Murray M.D. to found Solstice Health in 2012.

Though this novel clinic—the first of its kind in Wisconsin—Dr. Murray aimed to provide transparent, quality, affordable, accessible, and results-driven preventive wellness and medical care within local communities and businesses.

Our Model

Dr. Murray based his clinic model on three pillars: Quality, Transparency and Convenience.


A doctor who listens to you.
Increased doctor/patient interaction to move face time with your doctor from a national average of 7 minutes to an hour or more.

A doctor who cares about you.
Your health is between you and your doctor. By eliminating insurance companies and hospital groups from healthcare decisions, you and your doctor can make the best decisions for your health.

A doctor who knows you.
By reducing the patients each doctor sees, from a national average of over 2,000 to roughly 600, your doctor knows you as more than your medical chart.


No surprises.
Better access to your doctor and a focus on wellness means we catch health risks early and treat them quickly and effectively, reducing high-cost specialist or emergency room visits.

No copays. No Insurance. Low overhead.
The cost of accepting insurance is astronomical. By eliminating insurance, we reduce our overhead by 40%. We then pass the savings on to you.

No hidden Fees. Ever.
Our pricing is 100% transparent. Understand what you’re paying for and only pay for what you need.


Healthcare for your schedule
Fewer patients means less competition for appointments. You no longer wait a week to see a doctor. We schedule visits the same or next day.

Healthcare Understood
Your doctor should be your No. 1 resource for health information, not a website. With unlimited access to your doctor, all your health questions get answered.

Healthcare Simplified
Your doctor works for you. No middlemen, large corporate policies, red tape, or insurance companies bog down your healthcare.

Our Services

Today, Solstice Health provides direct primary care, surgeries and imaging services, weight loss and wellness, IV therapy, direct access labs. Solstice Health also sits on the front lines of regenerative cell therapy. It is the first clinic of its kind in Wisconsin and the premier provider of platelet rich plasma (PRP) cell therapy for various orthopedic and other conditions. PRP therapy treatments often help patients mitigate the risk of aggressive, risky, and expensive surgical procedures.

Our Team

Dr. Timothy Murray

CEO of Solstice Health

Dr. Timothy J. Murray is a board-certified anesthesiologist with a focus in orthopedics and general regional anesthetic nerve blocks and injections. His background includes general surgery training, years of experience in the operating room, and in urgent and emergency medicine. He completed fellowship training in both regenerative and cosmetic medicine. He enhances his regenerative medicine training with ultrasound guided injections, along with safe and effective in-office protocols.

Azucena Murray

Human Resources Manager

Azucena leads the hiring and recruiting team at Solstice Health. She is zealous about wellness and seeks to recruit team members who share a passion for health and wellness. Besides her role with Solstice Health, Azucena is active in many charities in the greater Milwaukee area.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
La Normal de Educadoras Jalisco, Mexico


Kristie Lyman

Registered Nurse, Wellness Coach

Kristie is a UW-Milwaukee Dean’s Honor List graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She brings many years of coordinated procedural skills, along with team management and leadership experience, and direct patient and family counseling. She also understands that true health begins with wellness and exemplifies this in her own lifestyle and that of her family.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
UW Milwaukee

Lyndsey Christenson

Family Nurse Practitioner

Lyndsey is Solstice Health’s Family Nurse Practitioner. She provides primary and acute care for patients ranging from newborns to adults. Lyndsey believes in helping patents take an active role in their health and wellbeing. She believes in true patient care and giving patients the time and treatment they deserve.

Master of Science in Nursing
Concordia University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Concordia University

Analese Grimm

Clinic Manager, Wellness Coach

Analese is Solstice Health’s Clinic Manager and Health coach at the Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, location. She strives to educate patients and community members on health and wellness. Analese drives Solstice Health’s mission by encouraging people to take back their health.

Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

It’s Your Money.
It’s Your Health Care.

Take it Back!

It’s Your Money.
It’s Your Health Care.

Take it Back!