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Save Your Own Life

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Save your own life

When Pam came to us, she was on the verge of a health disaster. Pam needed a plan–so we put one into place and Pam didn’t let us down, she executed! We are so proud of Pam and where her journey with Solstice Health has brought her. This is Pam’s story, in her own words.

“A huge shoutout to Dr. Tim Murray and my coach, Christina, at Solstice Health for helping me reach my goal last week! Nine months, 90 pounds, 54.5 inches and (most importantly) a rebuilt immune system! I know that there are lots of stories going around about how and why I lost weight, so, here it is the whole story if you care to read on.”

“I have had huge tonsils for as long as I can remember. Twenty years ago they wanted to take them out and I refused. As a Speech Pathologist, I knew how dangerous the surgery is for adults. In the last few years, the lymph nodes in my throat were enlarged and becoming very painful. My swallow function was decreasing and I was told that my immune system, as measured by my white blood cell count, was dropping rapidly. Coupled with my weight, high cholesterol and impending metabolic disorder, I hit a health crisis last summer. The tonsils had to come out as the suspected site of the problem.”

“As you may know, I loved to eat and drink whatever and whenever I wanted and believed the myth that postmenopausal women over 50 can’t lose weight. I always put work and play before taking care of my health. I knew I needed to do something to prepare for the long overdue surgery. I heard about Dr. Murray, his weight loss program, and his ability to get people off medications. While he concurred that I needed my tonsils out, he was concerned about my immune system and my inability to fight whatever this turned about to be in my throat. I started doing vitamin infusions called “Meyer’s Cocktails.” Within a month, my lymph nodes started to decrease in size. I lost the first 50 pounds by my surgery in December. That improvement in my BMI changed my status from a potential three-night hospital stay to leaving the hospital the same day as my surgery.”

“Although my recovery was great compared to other adults, I thought it was horrific: 10 days of living only on ice chips and oxy. I struggled with dehydration for months. It turned out that I had a bacterial infection in my tonsils that may have been there since I had mono in college. My immune system had been struggling to fight it all these years and was losing.”

“The weight loss program continued to fit my crazy lifestyle well and their laughable goal for me to lose 90 pounds in 9 months and to be less than 25% body fat was within reach so I continued. I hit all three of those goals. I can finally report that my white blood cell count is approaching normal again and all my other blood work is within the normal range. I am the healthiest I have ever been!”

“So, no, I am not dying…quite to the contrary! If you have any interest in learning more about Dr. Murray, Ideal Protein, his stem cell therapy (he is the only licensed physician in WI for this), or his Direct Primary Care and other services, check out his website. If you end up visiting him for a consultation, tell him you know me…he’ll just laugh; it’s ok, I laughed at him nine months ago.”

At Solstice Health, we offer a comprehensive weight loss protocol that teaches participants how to achieve healthy, realistic goals. Called the Solstice Weight Loss Protocol, our plan focuses on eating and exercising properly to achieve lifelong, whole-body results. Patients who follow our protocol as prescribed have a 100% success rate and find a dramatic reduction in the incidence and severity of weight-related health conditions.