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Ideal Protein

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Ideal Protein is nutrition on auto pilot. It was recently ranked by as the most popular weight loss program in 2015.

With Ideal Protein, we offer a medically developed natural weight loss protocol that gives dieters what they really need, a structured plan that empowers people with the knowledge to put an end to constant dieting.

Learn to eat smarter so that you can sustain a lifestyle that will assist you in achieving and maintaining better well being.

Dr. Murray’s 4 phase program will educate you on how your body packs on pounds and what you should be eating in order to maintain a stable weight.

Phase One – Primary weight loss phase – You will lose 100% of your weight loss goal during this Phase.

Phase Two – The amount of Ideal Protein products you consume will drop from 3 to 2, hence reducing the cost as you make progress.

Phase Three – Focus on weight stabilization and gradually reintroduce carbohydrates and healthy fats into your diet.

Phase Four – Apply the smarter eating education you have received from your personal weight loss coach.

Solstice Health members enjoy a weight loss program that is specifically tailored to their individual needs. Women lose on average 2-4 pounds per week while men lose on average 4-7 pounds per week, simply based on higher muscle mass.

With the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, not only can you lose weight, but once you lose your excess pounds, you will experience improved health benefits. What are you waiting for? Contact us for more information today!