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Your New Year’s Weight Loss Goals

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If you’re like 66% of people who make yearly resolutions, you’ve set some new year’s weight loss goals for yourself,  which is great. With the ever-increasing prevalence of obesity in the U.S., it’s easy to forget what a healthy weight looks like, and having fitness goals is the first step to getting healthy.

Unfortunately, if you’re like 73% of people who make weight loss resolutions, you’re also going to give up before you achieve your goal. Since nearly half of Americans make new year’s resolutions, that’s a lot of failed fitness goals year after year.

So, what can you do to increase your chances of successfully losing weight? Here are three ways that you can help yourself be successful.

Be Realistic

Don’t set yourself up to fail by setting a goal that you can’t possibly achieve. Half of the battle when it comes to weight loss is psychological, because if you can’t keep yourself motivated, you won’t sustain the changes you need to achieve your goals. That means that you need to set healthy, realistic goals for yourself, which means no “nevers” (Are you really NEVER going to eat chocolate again?) and finding a realistic goal weight.

Have a (Good) Plan

If you’re serious about your fitness resolutions, it’s vital that you have a good weight loss plan in place, and not just some fad diet or all-liquid cleanse. A good fitness plan will help you map out the many lifestyle changes you’ll need to achieve your goal weight and to sustain it.

Focus on Your Health, Not Just Your Weight

Since most people make fitness goals because they want to lose weight, it can be hard for them to shift their focus from their weight to their overall health, but doing so is key. By focusing on your overall health, you’ll find it easier to understand the importance of making sustained lifestyle changes, particularly when it comes to the foods you eat and your levels of physical activity.

These three steps may seem small, but they can fundamentally change how successful you are at achieving your new year’s weight loss goals. Because, really, wouldn’t it be nice to start next year with a new set of resolutions instead of the same old ones, again?

At Solstice Health, we offer a comprehensive weight loss protocol that teaches participants how to achieve healthy, realistic goals. Called the Solstice Weight Loss Protocol, our plan focuses on eating and exercising properly to achieve lifelong, whole-body results. Patients who follow our protocol as prescribed have a 100% success rate and find a dramatic reduction in the incidence and severity of weight-related health conditions.

Waukesha Weight Loss Doctor Tim Murray founded Solstice Health in 2013 with the vision of giving people back control of their health, healthcare decisions, and dollars.