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Summer Foods for Managing Your Weight

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Some of the worst moments arrive at the end of springtime when women try on their summer bathing suits after a long winter of eating snack foods and relaxing in a sedentary manner. Odds are, unless you’re one of those women who managed to avoid the dessert tray during family holidays and kept hitting the gym on a regular basis, then you are definitely not beach body ready. Now is the best time to start eating some of the best summer foods for managing your weight. Here are some suggestions.

Citrus Fruit

Did you know that citrus fruit can be used to flavor your food? Ideally, when you’re in the middle of a summer diet, you want to eat foods that taste good, yet won’t weigh you down. Plus, they need to be very flavorful. Some of the best options include chicken topped with some lemon or lime juice or zest (taken from the peel). Plus, you can put chunks of citrus fruit into the water in order to make a tasty, sugar-free summer beverage. The more water you drink, the better you’ll feel, and the more weight that you’ll lose, since you aren’t replacing calories with sugary beverages.


Sometimes, you want light dishes in the summertime. A salad is a perfect option. Salad is low in calories and as long as you don’t top it with a very thick dressing, it will help with your weight loss efforts as well.

Fresh Vegetables

Summer is the best time for fresh vegetables. Many of them, such as broccoli, green beans, and Brussels sprouts can all be steamed and then used as a side dish to your meals. As long as you don’t douse them with butter, they are low in calories and quite good for you as well.


You’ll need some protein to go with the many fruits and vegetables that you’ve been eating. After all, you can’t live of vegetables alone. Sure, there are options like beans, mushrooms, and nuts that contain plenty of protein, but none of them compare to shrimp. These crustaceans are not only tasty, but they are light. They won’t weigh you down as a burger or steak will. Plus, depending on how they’re prepared, many people find them to be quite refreshing. Just don’t sauté them in a ton of butter and garlic, as that will not have the intended effect.

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