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5 Summer Foods to Add to Your Diet

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It’s officially summer and some of us are in full on cookout mode.  Fun family gatherings are a wonderful thing to look forward to this time of the year, but something that gets us especially excited this time of year is the food. Summer offers us some of the most delicious fruits and veggies to choose from. We’ve worked hard on our summer bodies. Luckily, summer provides us with foods that are not only delicious additions to our weight loss diet, but also full of added health benefits. Check out these 5 summer foods to add to your diet.


Eggplants are high in tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that helps regulate appetite, improves sleep quality, and elevates your mood. Eggplants also help improve blood flow in blood vessels which is good for cardiovascular health.


Although they are little, blueberries back a big punch. Blueberries help fight anti-inflammatory issues, help improve brain function, enhance mood, and help combat cancer cells.

Red Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers are low in calories and delicious.  This sweet and crunchy vegetable also provides 240 percent of the recommended daily vitamin C.


While you should always wear sunscreen, eating an extra tomato or two may help protect your skin from sunburn. This is due to the consumption of lycopene (the pigment that makes tomatoes red).


Did you know watermelon is about 92% water? Adding more watermelon to your diet will help keep you hydrated during those hot summer months. Similar to tomatoes, watermelon also contains lycopene and can help protect against sunburn. There are also some studies that show that eating foods high in water can actually leave us feeling more satisfied on fewer calories. In that case, watermelon is a triple threat.

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