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Why Direct Primary Care is a Better Choice

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  • Are you having trouble choosing a PCP you like?
  • Do you get frustrated that you only get 10 minutes to talk to your Dr.?
  • Are you tired of waiting days or weeks for an appointment, when you are sick right now?
  • Did you have to miss a day of work because you ended up in a waiting room for several hours?

The average doctor sees over two thousand patients a year in the traditional system and as a result, only spends 7 minutes with each patient. Health insurance providers are often too involved in your healthcare plan, making treatment for conditions like pneumonia a much longer and convoluted process than necessary. It’s time to take your healthcare back with direct primary care (DPC).

Solstice Health is the first independent and completely insurance-free direct primary care clinic in Wisconsin.  You may now be wondering, what exactly is direct primary care?

What is direct primary care?

The Direct Primary Care Coalition defines direct primary care (DPC) as …

“… an innovative alternative payment model for primary care being embraced by patients, physicians, employers, payers and policymakers across the United States. The defining element of DPC is an enduring and trusting relationship between a patient and his or her primary care provider… Direct primary care fosters this relationship by focusing on five key tenets: service, patient choice, elimination of fee-for-service, advocacy, and stewardship.“

Direct primary care includes unlimited access to your doctor, virtual visits, wholesale pricing on lab work, imaging, and medication help to provide the best, most affordable, and convenient care possible.

What are the benefits of direct primary care?

  • You are guaranteed to get the time and care you deserve with your direct primary care provider. With insurance and hospital group involvement eliminated, doctors are able to spend significantly more time with each patient, thus restoring the doctor-patient relationship.
  • Direct primary care doctors care for on average 600 patients per year. This is significantly lower than other traditional doctors. By accepting only 600 patients on average per year, same day and next day appointments are typically available at your request.
  • Unlimited visits, no copays, and no deductibles.
  • Direct primary care eliminates 40% of overhead by not accepting insurance, thus making it very affordable for everyone. Also, wholesale labs, imaging, and pharmaceuticals are another value-add for members, allowing you to budget your care, your way. Steeply discounted (80-90%) rates are negotiated, and you get the benefits.
  • Direct primary care eliminates third-party involvement in YOUR healthcare.
  • Direct primary care covers 90% or more of your overall healthcare needs. With better care, it decreases the downstream utilization of specialists, urgent care, and emergency room visits. Direct primary care takes care of the acute urgent care issues, chronic disease management, preventive health and wellness, and even occupational health.
  • The direct primary care approach involves far fewer steps to treatment than a traditional insurance approach. Continuing with our earlier example of a possible pneumonia case, check here for an example comparison chart of a direct primary care treatment route and traditional insurance treatment route.

Direct primary care is a vital part of our mission here at Solstice Health. Our monthly membership plans are comprehensive and age-based. For more information on plans, check here.

Contact us today to start your direct primary care journey. We have three convenient locations in Wisconsin: Oconomowoc, WI (262)-533-4528, and New Berlin, WI (262)-505-6260