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5 Simple ways to Relieve Stress and Unwind

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We all need to disconnect and reset once in a while to help us regain focus. Everyone does things differently, but here are some simple ways to relax and unwind at home.


1.     Take time to Laugh — Laughter is a powerful medicine. It can often help melt away your anxieties naturally, boost your immune system, and improve your mood.  Take some time to watch a funny video, or hang out with friends who make you laugh.


2.     Boost your Oxytocin – In a similar vein, spending time with people we trust and love helps boost our oxytocin levels. Trust and physical connection help boost oxytocin and serotonin levels and reduce stress. So, carve out some time each to put your cell phones (technology) aside and engage with a friend, a partner, a pet, or your kids. Even if it’s only 15- 20 minutes, it can make all the difference.


3.     Take some time to Breath – Deep breathing exercises are a great way to relax without having to go anywhere.  Deep breathing activates the body’s relaxation response.  There are many different types of breathing exercises including diaphragmatic breathing, abdominal breathing, belly breathing, and paced respiration. But taking a minute a few times a day to take a few breaths. Try setting a breath reminder on your phone.


4.     Go for a Walk –  Exercise helps to lower cortisol, reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and boost confidence. All of these things make a walk a wonderful way to start the day, end the day, or take a break during the day. Next time you need a quick break, try walking around the block and see how much better you feel!


5.     Write is in a Journal – Sometimes ruminating gets the best of us. One was to break the habit is to start writing it down. The act of physically putting a pen to paper with your thoughts is cathartic and helps to process large stresses that are constantly arising for us.  Get a notebook and spend 15-20 minutes in the morning freewriting what comes to mind, and see how it helps.




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