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Therapies for Foot and Ankle Pain

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It’s no fun to experience pain at any time, but it’s especially no walk in the park to experience foot or ankle pain – literally. Our feet are what we use daily to get around, and to experience pain there of all places can mean a highly diminished quality of life and a lack of independence as a result. However, there are several ways that foot and ankle pain can be treated, allowing you to get back on your feet.

If your foot or ankle pain has come about from a recent injury, it’s a good idea to try the RICE procedure. Rest the area that is in pain, apply a cold pack or ice to the area to reduce swelling, compress the area with a bandage, and elevate it on pillows to reduce any further swelling. This procedure works best if performed immediately after an injury or a shock to the ankle or foot in question.

If good old-fashioned rest and recovery hasn’t helped relieve your foot and ankle pain, there are some exercises that may be able to help instead. Try flexing and stretching your feet and ankles to maintain your range of motion. It’s also a great idea to massage your feet to relax it and improve the chance of recovery and relieve some of the strain that’s causing your pain.

Sometimes solutions performed at home may not be enough in treating your foot and ankle pain, which is our clinic comes in. We offer a range of regenerative medicine treatments including stem cells and PRP that will put an end to any discomfort you may experience.

We offer a wide range of pain relief solutions that seek to minimize invasiveness as much as possible, allowing you to recover quicker. We understand that every patient is different, and we encourage you to book an appointment at Solstice Health so we can help you understand and decide what pain relief method is best for you.