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Direct Primary Care FAQ

Answers to commonly asked questions about direct primary care.

What is direct primary care?

Direct primary care is not insurance. Direct primary care is simply a new health care formula that allows us to provide unlimited primary care services directly to patients for an affordable monthly fee.

Do I need health insurance to become a patient?

No. Anyone can become a member. We do not deny patients because of economic or employment status. We also do not deny anyone for pre-existing conditions of any kind.

Will you bill my insurance plan for your services?

No. We do not bill insurance for our services. Eliminating this hassle gives our doctors more time to spend with you and helps us keep our costs low.

Is there anything we do not cover?

Our DPC membership is not insurance and does not include catastrophic coverage, dental, vision and hospital care. Patients can cover these services with a cost-sharing plan such as Sedera or with a traditional health insurance policy. However, DPC members do have access to labs, imaging, and medications at our wholesale rates.

How are visits with specialists handled?

We have access to over 100 specialists if needed for initial consultations at no additional cost to you. One benefit of direct primary care is the breadth of services we offer. We supply most of the care you need without seeing another doctor or specialist. Your provider may refer you to a specialist if your medical needs fall outside the scope of Primary Care.

Is it a good idea to have medical insurance for serious illness or injury?

You don’t need health insurance for our services. However, we encourage members to purchase a cost-sharing plan such as Sedera or a catastrophic insurance plan to protect against the large, unanticipated costs of serious illnesses or accidents. Cost-sharing plans paired with DPC are extremely effective and offer a full coverage scenario without having “insurance”.

Could I offer this as a stand-alone benefit to my employees?

Yes, we currently work with many small to large businesses who offer this as a benefit to their employees. Please contact us for additional information.

What services do you provide?

Our primary care providers can see you for a vast array of services. We offer same-day or next-day appointments. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive annual physical and wellness plans
  • Preventative appointments and follow-ups
  • Lab work
  • Simple laceration repair, including stitches
  • Treatment of sprains
  • Women’s health
  • Well checks for infants and children
  • Acute care and chronic disease management
  • Weight management and health risk assessment
  • School, sports, and workplace physicals
  • Mental health, including treatment for depression, anxiety and other mood disorders
  • Stress management
  • And more

Are there co-pays when I see my provider?

No. We never ask for a co-pay when you see your provider. Your membership covers all primary care services. And you can visit your provider as often as needed.

I have insurance. How can paying a membership fee save me money?

Many insurance plans have high deductibles and only pay for a percentage of services after you satisfy your deductible. Our memberships cover all primary care services. You don’t need to meet a deductible to have visits with your primary care provider for health coaching, weight management, chronic conditions, or acute issues such as respiratory infections and minor injuries. Our physicians focus on keeping you well and identifying issues in advance to reduce the costs of unexpected illness.

How does direct primary care for employees reduce health plan costs?

When you provide a DPC membership to your employees, you will see a massive reduction in all day-to-day healthcare claims including many of the higher cost drivers such as labs, imaging and medications, because a Direct Primary Care physician provides so much of your employee’s healthcare.

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