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Maintaining Medical Weight Loss

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For many, losing weight is the smaller fight in a much larger battle: maintaining an ideal weight after the diet ends. The problem for these weight watchers is that they plan to lose weight by dieting rather than by adopting long-term lifestyle changes that will result in sustainable results.

In general, those that maintain a healthy, balanced weight have two weapons that those who gain the weight back do not:

  1. They understand how to eat to maximize weight loss and well being.
  2. They have a proven plan for achieving their results.

The Importance of Having a Plan

Many people think that because they are on a diet they have a plan. This is not true. A diet is not a plan. It is simply a restriction of what one eats. A plan is a detailed proposal for achieving a goal. The difference may seem slight but it is, in fact, quite large. A plan takes into consideration the end goal (such as maintaining a healthy weight), while a diet does not—it is simply a tactic someone uses to lose weight.

Unfortunately, few people understand this difference, nor do they have the nutritional and behavioral understanding necessary to create a sustainable plan. This is where the Solstice Medical Weight Loss Protocol can help.

The Solstice Plan

The Solstice Weight Loss Protocol is a four-phase plan designed to help participants achieve their weight loss goals and maintain results. A customized plan that is specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of each participant, our plan provides the one-on-one guidance and essential nutritional education often needed to make the lifelong lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a healthy weight long after active participation in the program ends.

Over the course of each phase, the Solstice Plan focuses on teaching participants:

  • Why they gain weight
  • How obesity and poor nutrition cause life-threatening conditions
  • How to eat and exercise to promote weight loss and health
  • How to maintain a healthy weight for life

Patients who follow our program as prescribed have a 100% success rate. More than that, many find that the chronic, obesity-related conditions related to high insulin, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure that they suffered while overweight disappear once they achieve a healthy body weight and lifestyle.

No more fad diets. No more ups and downs. No more questioning whether a food is healthy for you or not. The Solstice Weight Loss Protocol just provides the tools and support participants need to achieve their weight loss goals.

At Solstice Health, we are committed to providing natural treatments and programs that provide lifelong benefits. To learn more about our medical weight loss programs, call or visit our office today.