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Karen’s Weight Loss Journey

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Weight Loss Journey

Meet Karen. Karen started her weight loss journey 5 months ago. Her weight wake up call came after a doctor told her “she was getting use to retirement” due to her cholesterol and blood sugar levels increasing. Karen had a family history with diabetes and she knew she did not want to go down that path with her health. In addition, as a grandmother she wanted to stay active with her grandchildren.

Karen’s original goal was to lose 20 pounds but she exceeded her weight loss goal and lost 38 pounds and an amazing 13% of body fat! Her weight loss numbers are life changing and saving.

Overall, Karen felt the program was easy once you truly commit. She mentioned once you choose vegetables over “junk food” consistently, your cravings begin to subside. Some hurdles Karen overcame on the program were giving up chocolate and a glass wine in the evenings. She does plan to treat herself to some wine and chocolate occasionally.

In addition to her newfound energy, Karen no longer craves certain “junk food” that she once craved. Karen looks forward to enjoying her healthy lifestyle and walking more.

You can achieve weight loss success like Karen did! It is never too late to improve your health! If you are interested in achieving weight loss success, contact Solstice Health today for a Free weight loss consultation. Check out our FAQ about the Solstice Health Weight Loss Program. Start your weight loss journey today.

At Solstice Health, we offer a comprehensive medical weight loss program that teaches participants how to achieve healthy, realistic goals. The Solstice Weight Loss Program focuses on eating and exercising properly to achieve lifelong, whole-body results. Patients who follow our program as prescribed have a 100% success rate and find a dramatic reduction in the incidence and severity of weight-related health conditions.