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Eating in Moderation: Watching Your Carbs

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Summer means gathering together, and also eating! Many large holiday season meals involve things such as potatoes, lots of bread, cake, and much more besides. In other words, there’s a lot of carbs that can go into your diet without you noticing. Here’s how to moderate your intake over the holiday season and to make sure you stay healthy while enjoying delicious food!

  1. Watch what you drink: Avoid sugary drinks like soft drinks and sweet tea or juice. Sugar can have a lot of carbs that add up if you’re having them with every meal. Don’t use fruit juice as an alternative: fresh fruit is better than sugary fruit juice, as it has all of the benefits and none of the carbs.
  2. Cut back on staples: Staple foods include bread and potatoes, which are both delicious but also highly packed with carbs. The biggest offenders are white bread, which are low in fiber while being high in carbs. Even bread made from whole grains contain lots of carbs. If you want the nutrients found in whole grain or rye bread, there are other types of food to get it without the carbs.
  3. Snack healthier: Holidays can also mean a time for a lot of eating between meals, such as popcorn during a movie or chips. Try healthier low-carb alternatives, such as nuts, almonds, yogurt, and even cheese!
  4. Drink less: Alcohol is nothing but empty calories. There are no nutrients to be found in booze and beer in particular is notoriously high in carb content. Drink in moderation and alternate with a healthy drink such as water.
  5. Bake with low carb alternatives: Holidays are a time for dessert! There are many guilt-free ways to enjoy dessert, including low-carb flour, which are made with alternatives to wheat. Just beware that it may turn out slightly different out of the oven than if you used ‘proper’ flour!
  6. Eat more protein: Protein helps build muscle mass and lose weight. Meat, fish, eggs, nuts, cheese, yogurt, and beans are all rich in protein. Protein will help you feel full faster, boost metabolism, and in the long run help decrease your weight.

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