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Is Direct Primary Care Right for You?

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Many Americans are tired of their rising healthcare costs, which come from their insurer as well as many medical costs alongside their insurance premiums. This has the effect of potentially forcing patients to avoid seeing their doctor or seeking medical treatment until it’s too late at the emergency room, which can both put a strain on medical services and lead to worse outcomes. It’s well-known that regular visits to the doctor can help prevent conditions from forming or getting worse, and medical costs can make that harder to do.

Introducing Direct Primary Care

There’s a new way forward for medical care, that we here at Solstice are proud to be a part of. It cuts the insurance company out of the equation, keeping primary care costs down while providing quality personal care for all. For a monthly fee starting at just $39, patients can receive unlimited access to a doctor without any per-visit fees, next-day or even same-day appointments, and unlimited lab and imaging tests, because we know that care doesn’t just stop at the office. By providing primary physician care without hidden fees, patients are confident, knowing that they can see their doctor whenever they need to, getting the care that they need early on, while avoiding dealing with an insurance company in the process.

At Solstice Health, we’re excited to provide affordable and quality healthcare to patients. Contact us to learn more about our direct primary care service and plans to learn if this exciting care approach is right for you.