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11,000 Pounds Lost and Counting

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As we move into another new year offering medical weight loss programs founded on the Ideal Protein system, we’re proud of the huge achievements our participants have made. Not only have those participants who stuck with the Solstice Weight Loss Protocol lost an incredible amount of weight, they’re enjoying the benefits of having a sustainable, healthy lifestyle:  better body weight, better energy levels, and better health.

We congratulate all of our participants on the steps they’ve taken to take control of their health and improve their lives. And, we encourage anyone who is struggling with their weight or coping with the most common symptoms of metabolic syndrome (such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure) to learn about our program. It works, and we have the pounds to prove it!

Why Our Weight Loss Program Works

Unlike high protein diets that may work in the short term but rarely provide long-term benefits, our medically supervised weight loss program is a four-phase plan designed to meet the health and weight goals of each of our participants by providing the one-on-one coaching and nutritional education they need to achieve their goals and maintain healthy body weight.

Participants in our program can expect:

  • Quick weight loss that doesn’t sacrifice muscle mass
  • Nutritional education to understand how the body uses foods for energy and stores fat
  • A pancreatic “reset” that results in improved metabolic functioning
  • Diminished health problems related to blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure issues
  • Increased energy levels with fewer cravings

Because our protocol is based on sound science, participants who follow it as prescribed have a 100% success rate. It is, admittedly, incredible. More importantly, our protocol teaches participants how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for life. Our participants learn what refined sugar products and processed do to the body, why following an Ideal Protein diet based on organic, natural foods helps correct the many metabolic problems from which so many Americans suffer, and what lifestyle changes are needed to meet their goals.

At Solstice Health, we are committed to providing programs that provide lifelong benefits. To learn more about our medical weight loss programs, or direct primary care, call or visit our office today.